Scent is expression and so verity is really important to me!
— Groovy

The Idea

I'm a chef, by trade. I started mixing my own blend of beard oils because the quality and expense were unsatisfactory from other major brands. Scent is expression and so verity is really important to me!


There are a lot of factors involved in production quality.

Argan and jojoba oils tend to be thicker and harder to pour, but are the most beneficial for beards and skin.

I incorporate essential oils into my product so I insist that you do a skin test to see if you may have an allergic reaction. My "Old Fashioned" does contain cinnamon leaf and burns initially but subsides rather quickly... but if you do a skin test and your skin turns red, do not apply to your beard! Also if you have an allergy to nuts, jojoba oil may fall under that category.



After a hot shower, shake out excess water from beard and dab with towel. Do not pull your beard with towel! Form a small pool of the beard oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and them gently apply to your beard. Using a hair dryer, on low setting, and round brush, blow dry your beard until dry (Brush in all directions in order to make sure the oil has absorbed into the beard and all water has evaporated.). The with a boar brush finish grooming. This method prevents dry skin flakes that form due to over-hydration. It also makes your beard soft.

I have a mustache, so I finish with some hard wax massaged into the ends. Do not be overly aggressive with the wax application! There is nothing more disheartening than losing mustache hair!